All Done In A Box

Our sensory devices are the best solution to your Predictive Maintenance (PdM) needs. With its small shape size and design, it fits on any machine and can start working by just attaching it.

Ready To Go

By Attaching them on the machine, you are ready to go

No Cabling Required

No need for a certified electrician to set up, it runs on a battery

Register Devices

Add devices to your cloud account with a click on an app

Easy Setup Solution

Predicta4 focuses on producing products that are ready to deploy with minimum set up and focus on the result. Our solution helps from setting up steps to deployment and usage of services.

Quick Deployment

Helps you setup up fast, and get ready to perform

Running Constantly

No need to keep checking on devices, they are programmed to perform constantly

Focus On Ease

Focus on your tasks rather than worrying about how to set up devices



Auto Monitoring System

Predicta4’s Autopilot solution automatically checks and analyzes your devices without interfering. With constant monitoring and analysis, you are notified of the next maintenance and possible problems before they occur.


It consecutively reads and analyzes data to be able to foretell problems

Get notified

Stay on top of your tasks, and get alerts when something is wrong

Constant Monitoring

Helps you to predict failure rates and prevent breakdowns and down times

Cloud Based Solution

Whether you’re at your business or away, devices that are running need monitoring. Our online solution allows you to connect multiple sensory devices, to be able to monitor all your industry machines closely.

Manage Devices

Monitor devices live and check on their status all through dashboard

Create a Team

Add multiple users to your team to work hand in hand and stay on top of tasks.

Many Platforms

Create and manage multiple factory locations and floors by creating platforms


Cost Effective

Save money by predicting the failure rate of your device. Fix it before the disaster happens

Full Asset Visibility

Upload your factory floor plan, and assign devices to machines and you can view your devices live and working.

Increase Asset Life

Fixing machines before they break down allows you to avoid serious damages to your industry.

Predicts Failur

Our smart monitoring will help you to be on top of your devices. It will let you know when it needs attention.

Short Down Time

Your work should not pause. By predicting failure in your systems, you have time to come up with a game plan.

Improve your business with our prime product solution

We help you to achieve what you need to improve your maintenance systems, and to build it as you go.
Our services are built to help your business grow, with no overhead and complications.

Industries That We Support

Petroleum & Chemicals

Factories & Manufacturing


Clothing & Textiles