A Smart Alert System for Your Machinery

Working In The Background

WatchDog Alert System Solution continuously runs in the background to monitor and collect data. It helps you when problems are occurring or when there is a deficiency. With its AI integration, it is capable to read, analyze data, and make accurate predictions. It is your assistant when you need it.


When something looks off, it notifies you, so you stay on top of the problem

Assists You When Needed

P-Cubes are designed to work out of the box. After registering the cube to our online Cloud Software, it starts working and sending information.

Runs Consecutively

WatchDog never sleeps. It continuously works in the background to be able to assist you with your tasks. It is a cloud-based solution, so you never have to worry about downtime and inaccessibility.

Smart Analyzer

With a combination of AI and Data Analytics, a smart alert system helps you from the start. It reads, and processes data, and automatically notifies you if something is going wrong.