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Date Published: June 25, 2020

Updated on June 25, 2020

The following document explains’s shipping policy, delivery, shipping methods, and handling of our products for customers. In this document “the company”, “our”, “us” and “we” refers to staff and crew.

About Products

Due to most of our product containing Lithium-ion batteries, there are limitation from the shipping service providers to ship goods to you. This is because of the dangers for handling such products during shipment, which is enforced by the shipping companies to avoid transporting the goods via air transport, and rather using ground transport. As such some inconvenience may occur if you are located outside of North America.

Shipping Methods

The following table describes the shipping methods provided by our company of choice “Canada Post” for ground shipping:

Shipping Method  Local Regional National
Regular Parcel

Regular Parcel™ is our economical ground delivery service for items shipped in Canada and is ideal for large-volume shipping. Tracking is available and delivery status can be checked online.

Up to 2 days Up to 5 days Up to 9 days
Expedited Parcel

Expedited Parcel™ is fast, cost-effective ground shipping within Canada. All items can be tracked and have on-time guarantees. This service is ideal for large volume shipping.

1 day Up to 3 days Up to 7 days

For more information about shipping methods and Canada Post services, please refer to the following link:

Payment of Shipping

The cost of shipping is already calculated using Canada Post’s shipping rate API and is given to you upon checkout. You are able to choose between the provided options to fit your need and schedule. No extra charges are applied for packaging and handling.

Handling Time

Our regular packaging and handling process will be done between 1-3 business days. Afterwhich you are provided with a tracking code and the status of your purchase will be updated accordingly. If you have not heard from us within three days, do not cancel your order as your priority will be changed depending on demand. If you have a concern about the status of the package reach out to our Technical Support mailing form to send them a request for review.

We are focusing on providing our customers with the best user experience. However, with increasing demands, we may fall short in storage at times. Rest assured that we have you covered during these events.

Returning Products

Yes, we accept returns. Our conditions for returning products are documented in the Return Policy page. Please refer to it for more information.