Easy Setup

Small IoT Device for Predictive Maintenance

Ready To Go

Predicta4’s Easy Setup solution is deployed across all devices to create a seamless setup and fast deployment for individuals and industries. With an industry-driven approach and ease of use in mind, our focus was to include all the necessary features from the get-go. This approach makes our devices prepared for deployment out of the box, with no extra setup.


As soon as the configuration and setup are done, the product is ready to perform

All Included Inside

P-Cubes are designed to work out of the box. After registering the cube to our online Cloud Software, it starts working and sending information.

No Wiring

There are no cables or technicians are required with our prime Easy Setup solution. Our approach takes advantage of powerful batteries to achieve faster deployment rates.

Setup App

With our mobile apps easily set up, deploy, and configure devices. Connecting your devices to our services has never been easier.

Automatic Syncing

P-Cubes automatically transfers the collected data to your Cloud account, so you don’t have to worry about missing any details.